Energy services

  • Energy consulting and advice. Optimization of contracts, consumptions and their derived economic expenses.
  • Specialists in renewable energies.
  • Turnkey services of photovoltaic installations on / off grid.
  • Management of grants and subsidies.

Energy consulting and advice

SIE Enginyers advises the clients in the energy management of their establishment.

  • Analysis of service contracts (modality, rate, conditions).
  • Adjustment and optimization of contracted powers.
  • Energy audits. Optimization of consumption, schedules and simultaneity.
  • Proposals for improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Economic quantification of savings.

Turnkey photovoltaic on / off grid installations

A photovoltaic installation is one that generates electricity from radiation incident on cells, usually silicon. The installation can be isolated from the grid (off grid) or connected to it (on grid). Legislative changes in Spain make these types of facilities, especially on-grid ones, very interesting at an energetic, environmental and economic level.

SIE Enginyers, as an accredited Energy Services Company (ESE – Spanish acronym), incorporates a new service to its portfolio, turnkey photovoltaic installations, with the incorporation of the most innovative systems and equipment.

In addition SIE Enginyers manages possible public assistance that may be open.

  • Energy production study.
  • Study of economic savings and amortization.
  • Integral installation of the photovoltaic generation system, with or without energy accumulation.
  • Start-up and adjustment of the installation.
  • Maintenance of the installation.


  • Charging points in individual parking lots.
  • Charging points in collective parking lots.
  • Charging points for companies’ vehicle fleets.
  • Management of energy consumption derived in communities.