Design of systems
and installations

Integral design of systems and installations in and for the building. Starting from the program needs of the client and in coordination with the other technicians of the construction (architects, surveyors…). Integral document management. Direction of execution of the construction.

Multifisciplinary engineering office

SIE Enginyers offers a wide range of projects in all sectors: public, residential, hotel, industrial and commercial.

  • Electrical installation according to REBT (Spanish acronym for Electrical Low Voltage Regulation).
  • Solar thermal energy for compliance with CTE DB HE 4 (Spanish acronym for Technical Building Code – Energy Saving Basic Document) and / or equivalent renewable energies (photovoltaic, aerothermal, geothermal…).
  • Heating and air conditioning installations.
  • Gas and fuel installations.
  • Plumbing, irrigation, swimming pools, sanitation and drainage well installations.
  • Ventilation and extraction systems according to CTE DB HS 3 (Spanish acronym for Technical Building Code – Health Standards Basic Document).
  • Evacuation and protection against fires, detection and extinction.
  • Parking activity projects.
  • CCTV (Spanish acronym for Closed TV Circuit) security cameras.
  • Reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite TV. Multiswitch systems.

  • Projects of activity or reforms for offices, shops, businesses…
  • Projects for industrial buildings, logistics centers…
  • Automation and control.
  • Low and medium voltage networks and transformation centers.
  • Projects for providing services on sidewalks, public roads, residential areas…
  • Management with local service marketers: GESA ENDESA, EMAYA, REDEXIS, Telefónica…
  • ICT (Spanish acronym) Projects of Common Telecommunications Infrastructures.
  • Intrusion alarm systems with early detection. Management with intrusion alarm companies.

  • Structured cabling networks voice-data and Wi-Fi.
  • Management with telecommunications operators in the area, via cable, fiber, point-to-point radio or satellite.
  • Wired or wireless audio / sound installations. SONOS, Spotify…
  • Audiovisual installations, home theater, stages…
  • Installation of intercom or video intercom, access control.
  • Home automation for the integration of heating / air conditioning, thermal production control, lighting, blinds, video intercom, audio, alarms…
  • GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) systems for distribution of telecommunications by fiber to the hotel room (FTTR: fiber to the room) for the unified distribution of voice, data, Wi-Fi and TV without the need for plant racks.


Below you can see some of our works.

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